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Registration and Fee

24 – 27 April 2019
Southbank Centre

This year’s programme features sessions in filmmaking, animation, feature film sound design, arthouse, sound for documentary, theatre, silent film composition, radio, sound art, improvisation, neuroscience and much more.

Speakers include renowned sound designer Richard King (Dunkirk, Inception, Master and Commander), Turner Prize nominee Rosalind Nashashibi, film sound designer Paul Davies, the Quay Brothers (Street of Crocodiles, Institute Benjamenta), theatre director Sinéad Rushe, composer and radio writer Neil Brand, sound artist Nigel Helyer, documentary filmmaker Rina Sherman, and Morten Kringelbach and Peter Vuust exploring jazz and improvisation. More speakers will be added in the coming weeks.

Details about the speakers at PROGRAMME 2019.

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