Adam Roberts on Chantal Akerman’s ‘musicality’

Adam Roberts has won prizes for his work at Ebensee and Angers International film festivals. He has made a series of dance films with choreographer Jonathan Burrows including blue/yellow commissioned and performed by Sylvie Guillem for BBC TV and France 2. Roberts has also made work for gallery exhibition, shown at Siobhan Davies Space, Hayward Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, BFI Southbank and Haus der Kunst. He is co-founder with Joanna Hogg of A Nos Amours, that has most recently curated a complete Chantal Akerman retrospective at ICA London, and an exhibition of Akerman’s installation art at Ambika P3 London.

He presents Chantal Akerman’s musicality. Akerman, talking about the soundtrack for her 1976 film News From Home, said: ‘It was like a musical piece. We see one car – but the sound is not totally [in] synch… I put the sound more musically than realistically’. What does Akerman mean by ‘musically’? A search for clues in her films making mention of her contact with the contemporary music scene in Downtown New York in the early 1970s.