The New Soundtrack


The New Soundtrack
brings together leading edge academic and professional perspectives on the complex relationship between sound and moving images. Former editors of The Soundtrack, Stephen Deutsch, Larry Sider and Dominic Power, bring their expertise to this project, providing a new platform for discourse on how aural elements combine with moving images. The New Soundtrack also encourages writing on more current developments, such as sound installations, computer-based delivery, and the psychology of the interaction of image and sound. The journal has an illustrious Editorial Board containing some of the most prominent people working with sound in the arts and media and the discourse which surrounds it.

The New Soundtrack includes contributions from recognised practitioners in the field, including composers, sound designers and directors, giving voice to the development of professional practice, alongside academic contributions. Each issue also features a short compilation of book and film reviews on recently released publications and artefacts.

Editorial Board: Rick Altman, Haim Bresheeth, John Broomhall, Ross Brown, Carter Burwell, Michael Chanan, Michel Chion, Ian Christie, Richard Combs, Gustavo Costantini, Ian Cross, Claudia Gorbman, Rens Machielse, Walter Murch, Roberto Perpignani, Gianluca Sergi, Sean Street, Randy Thom, Elisabeth Weis. Edited by Stephen Deutsch, Dominic Power and Larry Sider

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Issue 7.2: Call for Papers

We are looking for papers of between 6000 – 8000 words, which will be subject to peer review. We are also interested in shorter pieces of writing (between 2,000 and 3,000 words), taking the form of interviews, reports, creative writing pieces, manifestos, ‘think pieces’ and provocations.

Please send short proposals (150-300 words) indicating what length and form the proposed piece will take.

Subject to acceptance, the deadline for completed pieces will be 15 April 2017.


Issue 7.1, to be published in March 2017, features

James Batcho
New Understandings in Hearing

Isabelle Delmotte
Losing sight of atmospheric sounds in televised nature documentary

Lucy Fife Donaldson
Feeling and Filmmaking: The Design and Affect of Film Sound

Tim Heath
Mumble-gate: Negotiating Theory and Practice in Television’s production Hierarchy

Svein Høier
When soundtracks of fiction and non-fiction converge: On the use of micro sounds to present the inside of bodies

Fiona Keenan and Sandra Pauletto
‘Listening Back’: Exploring the Sonic Interactions at the Heart of Historical Sound Effects Performance