A School of Sound Masterclass Series at the London Film School

25-26 October 2014

LFS Workshops
Covent Garden, London


LFS Workshops is proud to collaborate with The School of Sound on this two-day masterclass. Building on the success of our recent sound courses, the seminars are aimed at those working in screen-based media, and offer three further perspectives on the use of sound and music in filmmaking.

Larry Sider, Annabelle Pangborn and Stephen Deutsch will each deliver a half-day seminar demonstrating the interrelationship between sound, music, image and story. The programme will include a discussion of strategies and concepts for working with sound and music, from pre- to post-production.

With particular relevance for directors, writers and producers as well as sound designers, editors and composers.


PROF. STEPHEN DEUTSCH: Putting Music in its Place
Setting a framework for the use of sound and music with image, Stephen Deutsch offers a new way of hearing music within the unified world of a film’s soundtrack. Stephen is Professor of Post-Production at Bournemouth Media School. He is also a composer for television, film and theatre and Editor of The New Soundtrack Journal.

LARRY SIDER: Sound Changes the Image
Larry Sider deconstructs the soundtrack showing how each component of sound expresses character, place and story. He describes how the practical application of these concepts positions the audience in relation to the screen and the narrative. Larry is Director of the School of Sound, as well as an editor, sound designer and visiting lecturer at film schools in the UK and Europe. He was formerly Head of Post-Production at the National Film and Television School.

ANNABELLE PANGBORN: Giving the Film Back to the Audience
In choosing whether to use music or sound, Annabelle Pangborn analyses how music responds directly to a film’s narrative to create atmosphere, expression and mood. She shows how music connects the audience to a film’s subtext, confronting the audience with the reality of their feelings. Annabelle was Head of Editing, Sound and Music at the National Film and Television School and more recently was Post-Production Supervisor on the Dau Project. She is also a composer and sound designer.

Case Studies and Q&A
The three tutors will also touch upon other media such as games, gallery work and dance. Time will be allowed for an in-depth, wide-ranging Q&A session where participants can discuss and get feedback on their own projects.

“This is one of the best short courses I’ve been on, with a really high level of debate on the subjects covered. Having attended a few School of Sound events before, I had high expectations, which were entirely met. Very well organised, good structure and fantastic teachers.” Participant June 2010

“A most enlightening two days. It served to strengthen my real-life experiences, and opened doors to a wealth of interesting ideas.” Brett Hammond, Composer/ Sound Designer, Participant June 2010

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