Introducing the Silent Space project

In 2016, Liz Ware, writer and member of the Garden Media Club, set up Silent Space.

How different might life be if green places for silent reflection were easily accessible to us all?  If enjoying brief spells of silence in nature was accepted as essential for our health? How much effort would it take to make this happen? We decided to find out.
During the summer of 2016, we set up the not-for-profit project, Silent Space.  A handful of gardens that open to the public agreed to take part and to reserve an area where people could be silent. For a couple of hours each week, visitors to these quiet areas were invited to switch off their phones and to stop talking.

There’s nothing complicated about a Silent Space.  It’s an area of a garden or a park, already enjoyed by the public, that is temporarily reserved for silent visiting.  It usually runs for just a few hours a week.

Once inside a Silent Space, we stop talking, turn off our phones and cameras, and switch off from social media. There are no other rules.

Whether sitting or strolling, we take time to notice the beauty around us.  Even as little as five minutes will help us to enjoy the restorative benefits of being peaceful in a green place.