LFS Workshops with Gustavo Costantini

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15% discount for Music Strategies in Narrative Filmmaking workshop at The London Film School, with Gustavo Costantini, 14 & 15 Feb 2015

Gustavo Costantini flies in from his native Argentina to teach key elements of music/image strategies and, using exclusive materials from Walter Murch and referencing Michel Chion’s seminal work on film sound, Audio-Vision, will introduce all the possible uses of music that are used in contemporary filmmaking. He will also offer personalised advice on your own work, if submitted in advance.

For more information visit http://lfs.org.uk/workshops/lfs-workshops/269/sound-music-techniques-narrative-filmmaking or email workshops@lfs.org.uk for the 15% discount code.

Gustavo is sticking around for a week to hold his new workshop, The Editor At Work: Thematic Subtexts, Dramatic Patterns and Rhythms, the following weekend – the 15% discount applies to that also.

For content and registration details about both workshops, go to http://lfs.org.uk/workshops/lfs-workshops.