Mark Underwood presents Hearing Voices in the Noise

Hearing Voices in the Noise: A short seminar exploring the phenomena of audio hallucination, and its possible connections to the way we perceive sound and moving image. Mark explores our innate desire to make sense of our audio and visual world; to seek order from chaos, to find the familiar in the unfamiliar, safety in the unsettling, and patterns in random information.
Mark originally trained as a theatre sound designer and live music engineer. Whilst Head of Sound at Rambert Dance Company in the 1990s he recorded and mixed live scores by composers including Steve Reich, Hans Peter Kuhn, Morton Subontnik and Gavin Briars. He developed a particular interest in the use of pre-recorded and edited environmental sound, co-composing the sound score for Siobhan Davies’ Winnsoboro’ Cotton Mill Blues, which went on to win an Olivier award for dance.