Reviews and Testimonials

“Sheer alchemy!”

“If the School of Sound was conceived as an intervention, taking on the sclerotic notions of technocratic professionals that dominate British film schools, then it was seen by the industry and film schools alike as an unqualified success.”
Chris Darke, The Independent

Review: The School of Sound

By Claire Barwell

A figure in a bright yellow fleece top sits alone on the stage and talks. Enthralled, we listen as Mani Kaul extemporises, elaborates and weaves provocative spells. His talk illustrates and embodies a story he recounts of how he learned music as a child in India, how practice took place on the carpet and theory on the sofa, how a rag is in itself an elaboration on a figure. This could be taken as an appropriate metaphor for the whole four day event known as The School of Sound. In its second year the word of mouth excitement generated by the first drew a large audience eager to be inspired by the international panel of speakers, eager to travel between the interstices of listening and hearing. […]


“The symposium has opened my eyes and ears to a world that was only previously hinted at and I thank you for that.”
Sound Designer

“I’ve been to the School of Sound every year since the beginning and would like to come back once again. It’s like turning new pages in a proceeding anthology of soundscapes.”

Film Sound Designer

“This symposium was nothing short of a revelation to me, an epiphany in sound! Walking home from the station on the second night, I became acutely aware of all the sounds around me for the first time, a fully 3 dimensional sonic experience! This occurrence will have a profound effect on my work, particularly my films in the way I think about using sound. The School of Sound was so much more inspiring than I imagined, so thank you very much. The only problem is I think I’m now hooked to attend each year!”


“I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the four days at the School of Sound. It was just great, so inspiring, so many interesting people … it was like resetting myself. Enjoyed every bit of it. And so did the students from Prague – when we were leaving on Saturday, they seemed kind of … not sure how to express it … excited, overwhelmed, buzzing with energy (though exhausted) as after something magical.”

“I wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed the School of Sound Symposium last week. I was a little anxious as to whether I would be a little out of place being a Music Therapist, but I enjoyed every moment and found many of the lectures truly inspirational and look forward to moving my career forward in the world of sound design and music for the moving image. I met some wonderful people too.”

Music therapist

“I had an amazing time and learned a great deal. This came at a point in my education where I was so inundated with worrying about technical specifications and employment worries etc that I had almost forgotten what it was that I loved about sound and music – I have come away feeling creatively inspired and I cannot begin to articulate how grateful I am for this experience. My heartfelt thanks.”


“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for another fantastic School of Sound. It’s been a fascinating and inspirational few days … I’ve come away buzzing with ideas as always!”

Radio Producer

“I was deeply inspired by all the fantastic speakers and I have taken away so much that I’m sure will have a strong impact on my own practice. Your event is a special one indeed, and I feel blessed to have been able to take part to it.”

Artist Filmmaker

“Thank you so much for the whole SOS, it was a very big experience for me.

Although most of the speakers were talking about subjects I’ve heard of,

or thought of, before, the whole condensed week, and the depth that the

lectures went in to, has actually made me think differently about sound.

It’s an almost shocking experience to be inspired in such a way on a topic

I thought I knew pretty well as it was. I’m starting to find value and

complexity in even the smallest every day sound.”

Sound Designer

“This is a short note to thank you for the extraordinary event which you have organised. What a fulfilling 4 days it has been. The quality and calibre of the speakers, the efficient way in which it has been orchestrated, your personal enthusiasm and emotional involvement are all things which have inspired me a great deal.  I came away from this event feeling regenerated and inspired and with the hope that I will be able to inject some of that inspiration into my work.”

Performance Sound Co-ordinator

“I was staggered at the amount of hard work and passion that had gone into making it such a smooth and enjoyable event; it was a unique event and, I hope, will also prove over the next few weeks as I continue to think about it, an ideas-changing one for me.”

Artist/PhD Student

“I just wanted to thank you for The School of Sound. A few weeks after the event and I’m still raving about it to friends! It was a great experience and truly inspirational. I’m so glad that I was able to attend such an event – I’m so glad such an event exists. It is unique and so appreciated, really enriching and invigorating, provoking and such a lovely atmosphere!”

Radio Producer