STILL MOVING: How to turn an idea into pictures

Lina Pallotta and Jo Ann Kaplan present a workshop in six weekends for people developing projects with photographic images – stills or moving picture or both.

The workshops will be led by Pallotta, a photographer, and Kaplan, a film-maker, who will mentor each project, working on image selection and sequencing; shot selection and editing; the addition of text and sound; and the organization of shape, format and a line of thought to progress each project to completion. Larry Sider, of the School of Sound, will be a guest speaker.

The workshop will be held in London UK over six weekends for a total of twelve days, at four to six-week intervals over a period of nine months.

26-27 September 2015
14-15 November 2015
16-17 January 2016
20-21 February 2016
9-10 April 2016
14-15 May 2016

£990.00** payable in 2 installments:
£200.00 on signing up
£790.00 before or at start of workshop 26-27 September 2015

**to paid by cash or cheque – cheques must clear by start of workshops

For more information contact:
Still Moving Artists
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