Synch/Non-Synch: a Symposium on Sound and the Moving Image

19-20 February 2015
Huston School of Film & Digital Media
Galway, Ireland

As sound theorists of film often assert that, sound and music, in general, have received less attention than other aspects of cinema. This has however been slowly changing with a body of work emerging that redresses this perceived imbalance in film studies. Through a combination of papers and listening sessions, Synch/Non-Synch seeks to build on these efforts by creating a venue for practitioners and theorists to consider the relationship between sound and the moving image, whether synchronised or non-synchronised.

Larry Sider: Mono
K.J. Donnely: The Psychopathology of the Soundtrack
Annabelle Panborn: Music and Narrative
Danijela Kulezic-Wilson: The Musicalisation of Speech and Sound Effects

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