Open City Docs – Documentary Sound

It is readily acknowledged that sound design is an aspect of fiction filmmaking that any director or editor needs to understand. For the documentary filmmaker, however, sound is still often considered a technical necessity left to post-production. The ways sound can transform a documentary’s narrative – and how it ‘speaks’ to its audience – are too often ignored.

The course will provide you with an understanding of how soundtracks operate in documentaries, by exploring a variety of strategies for working with sound in the continually evolving forms of non-fiction screen production. 

Thursdays from 14 April 2016 in Central London, taught by Larry Sider. [more]




The New Soundtrack Journal – Call for Papers

The New Soundtrack brings together leading edge academic and professional perspectives on the complex relationship between sound and moving images.

Issue 6.1 will be published in March 2016. It features articles by Dong Liang, Nessa Johnston and Anneke Kampman, David Hendy, Neil Hillman and Sandra Pauletto, Klas Dykhoff, and Damian Candusso. 

We are now accepting abstracts for issue 6.2 to be published in September 2016.

For more information about subscribing and submitting articles, see The New Soundtrack page on this website.