Karen Collins

Karen Collins is the author of 8 books on music and sound, including Game Sound, Playing with Sound, The Beep Book, and the forthcoming Studying Sound. From 2007-2017 she was the Canada Research Chair in Interactive Audio at the University of Waterloo, where she won multiple awards for her research, including a Google Faculty Research Award and induction into the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars. She is also an independent filmmaker, sound designer and game designer, and directed and edited the award-winning documentary Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound.

Karen’s talk is entitled, ‘AI ate my sound design’.


The Sound of DAU: Rob Walker and Stefan Smith

Built around a biography of the Soviet physicist, Lev Landau, Dau combines film, theatre, science, psychology, art, architecture and performance in an interactive experience the participant lives for 6 hours. Sound designer Rob Walker and composer Stefan Smith unveil how they created the soundtrack to this multi-faceted project involving a feature film, TV series and documentaries. Directed by Ilya Khrzhanovsky, Dau has been in production since 2006 and has its premiere in Paris on 24 January 2019.