Rob Bridgett – Part 2: Ludic Sound

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Over the course of three lectures, Rob guides us through some of the iterative and collaborative approaches for creating sound in video games. Using linear sound production as a touchstone, the series begins with A Game Development Primer for the creative work of sound, followed by Ludic Sound, a deep dive into understanding a design approach that accounts for the presence of a player. The final lecture in the series, Leading with Sound, focuses on the uncertainty, ambiguity and opportunities for sound work in the extremely dynamic conceptual and early production phases of game development.

Ludic Sound – Information in an Emotional Wrapper

The presence of an active ‘player’ in the on-screen experience of video games adds additional complexity to decision-making within sound mixing and design. Using the Triangle of Sound, we explore the dynamic process of asking questions to find ‘what is the most important thing’ within game sound design, giving especial time and focus to mixing decisions. (Concepts: Game Genres, Mixing, Layered Design, Direction)
45-60mins followed by Q&A

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