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Steve Whitford
The Truth of Sound: Recording Realist Documentaries - 'Ambisonics and the Recordist as Author'

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In Part 2, Steve gives a detailed explanation of current immersive sound recording techniques. And he proposes that the realist sound recordist’s role has an authorial voice and a creative agency connecting the storytelling skills in recording for single camera with the new opportunities afforded by the emerging technologies of immersive field sound recording.

Listening to Shadows
Seán Street explores the work of Piers Plowright

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From 1998 to 2017, the BBC radio features producer Piers Plowright traditionally gave the opening talk at the biennial School of Sound international festivals celebrating the world of audio in its many forms. Seán Street shares extracts from these talks, as well as from Plowright’s radio oeuvre, and some personal recollections of their friendship. Found sound, music, the human voice, and - underlying everything - the silence of creative possibility: these were just some of the working tools of Piers Plowright. This will be an opportunity to revisit them, through the ears and voice of Plowright himself.

Ray Beckett
Location Recording for Drama - The Audience Experience

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With over 50 years experience as a location sound recordist in documentary and features, Ray Beckett is best known for his work with Ken Loach, Kathryn Bigelow and Merchant Ivory.
His aim in this session is to stress the importance to communicate the need for sound to be included in production planning from the earliest stages as an important part of the final viewer experience and not just as an 'addendum' to the image. 

Richard Shannon
An Introduction to Audio Drama

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Richard Shannon will lead a session on audio drama, exploring both basic and advanced story telling techniques and conventions. The workshop will explore how the narrative voice can work in audio, the use of music and sound effects, location and ambisonic recording and the idea of montage scenes (double acoustic space).